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Get Your Call of Duty Cold War Fix with Xbox Gift Cards

Looking to grab a digital copy of Call of Duty Cold War? Here at Code vault, we make that easy and cheap with our Xbox Gift Cards. These nifty cards are quite handy as they allow you to buy the games you want more affordably and securely. That includes big popular games like the latest CoD. Whatever the reason, using digital Xbox gift cards can be more beneficial than paying directly into the Xbox Store or ordering a physical copy. If you’re wondering why you should use Code vault Xbox Gift Cards to buy Call of Duty Cold War, then read on.

Give the Gift of CoD

Call of Duty is always more fun when you’re playing with friends. If your regular squadmates have yet to get the game, you can easily gift it to them. With Digital Xbox Gift Cards you can call in for backup and have your crew by your side with barely any hassle. After making a gift card purchase at Code vault, you’ll receive a unique code you can share with your friend and they, in turn, can redeem the code on the Xbox Store. It’s as simple as that.

Ease of Purchase

Let’s face it. This pandemic has made it tough on all of us. As gamers, though, we’ve got an added excuse to indulge in our favourite hobby. With stores closed, however, digital marketplaces like the Xbox Store have become invaluable. But the prices are fixed most of the time. Discounts don’t come often enough, either. This is where Xbox Gift Cards can be an asset. It can be a chore to fumble around your console’s digital storefront, trying to input your credit card details. By purchasing from Code vault, you’re not just getting a better price for Cold War on Xbox. You’re also making your life easier as our store’s interface can be accessed through any device, be it PC or mobile. And you don’t have to wait as our delivery is instant as soon as your payment comes through.

Grab Call of Duty Securely

So, you’ve decided to get yourself some Xbox Gift Cards to assemble your CoD squad but you’re skeptical about security. The last thing you want is for your digital codes to be taken somehow. Code vault guarantees that you will always receive unused gift card codes to use with Xbox. They’re legitimate codes issued by Microsoft which we make sure are distributed uniquely and safely. On top of that, we use safe and secure systems to accept payments so you don’t have to worry about your card information. In the unlikely event that you find that your provided code isn’t working, we’ll be more than happy to send you a new code through our customer service.

Whether you’re looking to buy Call of Duty Cold War on Xbox for yourself or your squadmates, Code vault has your back. Our affordable gift cards plus our quick and secure purchasing options will have you out on the battlefield in no time.

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