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Pokémon TCG: Blastoise VMAX Battle Box

Get Powered Up – with Venusaur VMAX or Blastoise VMAX!

Whether you choose Venusar VMAX or Blastoise VMAX, you’re getting a powered-up Pokemon that can level up you deck in awesome ways! Enhance your collection with one of these high powered Pokemon, and find helpful allies, skilled trainers, and other treasures in Pokemon TCG booster packs!

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Blast your Pokémon TCG deck to new heights with one of two well-known powerhouse Pokémon.

Whether you choose Venusaur VMAX or Blastoise VMAX, you're getting a Pokémon that can level up your deck in awesome ways!

Enhance your collection and discover helpful allies, skilled Trainers, stunning artwork, and more with a themed Battle Box! Each box includes a foil promo card, a foil oversize card, 65 themed card sleeves and four booster packs.

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