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Stellaris: Console Edition is an epic strategy game that involves space exploration, resource management, politics, and plenty of intergalactic warfare. There’s so much stuff to do in the game that a player can often find themself stuck, unable to grow their empire or even survive.

If you are struggling to keep your empire alive in the game, here are some tips to help you out!

1. Start as Earth

An excellent way to begin the game is to start as something you are accustomed to. Since you are a human being living on Earth (we hope you are), you can start as the United Nations of Earth. The playstyle should be one that is diplomatic, something you should already be familiar with.

From there, you can slowly build up alliances. That way, you can explore and fight with confidence that your allies, who are sometimes even stronger than you are, have your back.

2. Don’t stretch too far

While you might be packed with resources and have many allies, you should avoid the temptation to expand too quickly and with little thought. This is a mistake many rookies make, as growing too big too fast can leave you overexposed to the enemy. In other words, you are stretched so thin that you cannot defend yourself when an enemy attacks.

While you must expand to thrive, you must ensure everything within your empire is still under control. Remember, patience is a virtue, and it is what will keep you alive in such a hostile environment.

3. Explore before expanding

You should always survey the area you want to expand before actually expanding into it. That way, you limit your chances of running into nasty surprises.

How do you explore space for expansion, then? Well, you can build science ships. Typically, you would want to build two, as that is a good balance between speed and efficiency. Once you have done your exploration, you can then send your construction ships to start building outposts followed by colony ships to colonize a planet.

4. Upgrade your Starbases

You expand your empire primarily with ships, so you will need to build plenty of shipyards to produce a sizeable fleet. However, to create multiple shipyards, you need to upgrade your Starbases first.

In addition to being able to create multiple shipyards to produce more ships, Starbases also give you a variety of benefits for your empire. These let you gain specific bonuses whenever you build anything. Just remember to keep track of exactly what you need so that you get the right bonuses.

5. Check your enemies

Before you engage in any form of combat, you must check your enemy first. After all, a surefire way to lose is to fight an enemy that’s way ahead of you in terms of power.

Before you fire any weapon, check your diplomacy screen and look at your relative combat strength. If the numbers do not look good, do not engage. If they do, it is time to fight.


By taking these tips to heart, you will be able to not only survive as an empire but to thrive as one. So, the next time you start, you know exactly what to do.

If all of the above is just too much to remember, remember this: think carefully before acting! This means to think carefully before expanding, before engaging the enemy, and so on. That way, you can weigh the pros and cons of the decision and ensure that you don’t make one that will cost you your empire.

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